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This is a Calculation

Choose whether you wish to calculate child and/or spousal support. Depending on your choice, the calculator will determine child support based on the federal Child Support Guidelines ("CSG") and/or spousal support based on the federal Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines ("SSAG").


Enter the province where you and your spouse each live. This calculator does not handle situations where one or both of you live(s) in Quebec or outside Canada.

Date of Birth
Annual Employment Income

Enter the most current annual gross employment income for you and your spouse. Gross employment income is the amount the individual earns before deductions such as tax, EI and CPP premiums. You will find gross employment income on Line 101 of a T1 General return from the Canada Revenue Agency; or on Box 14 of a T4 Slip from an employer.

If either of you is self-employed or earns income from other sources, you may estimate that income in gross employment dollars, but be aware that the calculation will be based on your estimate and not on your actual situation. You may wish to seek professional advice; most family law professionals have the ability to perform calculations handling other types of income.

Date of Marriage or Pre-marital Cohabitation

Enter the date that you and your spouse married, or began cohabiting, whichever is earliest. This calculation applies federal legislation governing married couples. Provincial legislation governs unmarried or common law couples. While the legislation of each province differs slightly, once a support obligation is found owing, the child and spousal support figures generated by this calculator will be the same for unmarried or common law couples.

Date of Separation

Enter the date that you and your spouse began living separate and apart.

There are dependent children

Enter the number of dependent children of the relationship. A child is generally considered a dependant entitled to child support if the child is:

  • under the age of majority; or
  • over the age of majority but in school full time or ill/disabled, so still dependent.

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